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finecomb vest - one of a kind

finecomb vest - one of a kind

finecomb vest - this one of a kind piece is constructed in our signature reversible finecomb technique with vintage button front closure.  A fine mohair and elastic yarn  combination is knit together on a hand powered domestic knitting machine in our Amsterdam studio. This piece, like most we make, is fully reversible, offering two completly unique wearing options. Each handmade deparel piece is numbered and comes with a corresponding deparel dust pouch.


  • -Constructed in our signature finecomb knit pattern that features two distinct sides

    -One side features a lime-blue diamond mesh pattern while the other side displays wavy ridges of navy-colored mohair

    -Mohair & Elastic combination makes for versatile fit

    -Vintage jade-green acrylic buttons for front button closure

    -Mohair -80% Elastane -20%

€ 300,00Price
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